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Amanda’s Invisalign Journey – Part 2

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Amanda is my sister and here is an update on her Invisalign Journey

So I am now 16 weeks into my Invisalign journey and to say I am amazed with the results so far would be an understatement.  I am currently on aligner number 8/31 and honestly can’t believe how much my teeth have moved and how quickly the gap are closing in already considering I have such a long way to go in this whole process yet.




As I explained in my first blog post my Invisalign treatment plan isn’t as straightforward as others.  My treatment plan incorporated an extracted which I was completely terrified about.  I mean people have nightmares about losing their teeth and I was doing this to myself .  It’s bad enough getting a tooth pulled when it’s rotting or decaying but this was a perfectly healthy tooth right smack bang in the middle of my bottom teeth.

Due to the large gaps in my upper teeth and the over crowding on my bottom teeth, David explained to me in order to get the best possible results the tooth had to go .  I was absolutely dreading it and couldn’t actually bring myself to look in the mirror even hours after having the tooth pulled.

That was almost two months ago and it’s not exactly pretty but I am completely comfortable with the way the missing tooth looks now .  I can already begin to understand why David felt this was necessary in order to achieve the best possible alignment between my top and bottom teeth.


amanda invisalign journey pic


My whole mindset throughout this process has been “short time pain for long-term gain ” and I know by the time I have finished my treatment it will all have been worth it .  Sometimes things have to get worse before the get better but I whole hearty trust in David’s expertise and know that it has provided with the best treatment plan for my teeth  so I’ve been more than willing just to go with it.

Summer is always a busy time for me between weddings christening and of course the Galway races  so thankfully David understood my discomfort and put a fake tooth into all of my aligners over the next while until the space where the tooth was removed is completely closed in.  When the aligners are in the missing tooth is 100 % unnoticeable and I’ve been so comfortable  meeting new people with the aligners on.

For the first time ever I’m actually smiling in photos without even thinking about it.  It really is amazing even with the gaps (and of course the missing tooth ) how unnoticeable the aligners are on.  Due to the clear nature of the aligners most people I meet don’t even realise I’m wearing them.  People are actually amazed when I tell them I’m wearing Invisalign because they really are so invisible on.  I’m so used to wearing them now that I forget about them too.

It’s so nice to hear people actually complimenting me on my teeth and to see the reactions of my friends and family who have already noticed such a considerable difference in my teeth. It really has boosted my confidence no end and I’m beyond excited for the next few months.  Hands down the best decision I made walking into David Mcconville Sligo and Donegal orthodontist clinic!



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