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Rose Water and Witch Hazel Benefits

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Who loves beauty products?  ME!!!  These selection of skincare products from Ultra Pure Laboratories remind me of my time training as a beauty therapist way back in 2005.  We used Rose Water and Witch Hazel as a base for making the clay face masks.  Even the smell takes me back.

Thank you Ultra Pure Laboratories for sending me these amazing products….I think I may have rekindled my love for both Rose Water & Witch Hazel….. find out why!!!!

Rose Water

Rose Water is fantastic for oily skin and skin prone to break outs, white heads and black heads. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in rose water gently kill bacteria. It also slows sebum and dead skin cells causing clogged pores. Rose Water is also great for bringing down redness and swelling, rashes, blemishes, or bites!  Other benefits include hydrating, balance skin ph, brightens complexion, vitamins A & C and antioxidant rich.

I’ve recently been using Ultrapure Laboratories Rose Water as a toner and it is leaving my skin feeling super soft..  It’s really great to tighten the appearance of pores.  It’s also soothing to the under eyes and I’m finding it excellent for reducing my puffy tired bags!

Witch Hazel

This skincare product has so many benefits and it also fantastic for oily skin.  It can be used for treating spots, acne, soothing dry skin or itching and removing makeup.  It is also said to be great for stretch marks, but I cannot say for sure as I’ve never used it for this purpose.

I have been using my bottle of Witch Hazel as a pre-shampoo.  I keep a spray bottle of Witch Hazel in the shower and apply on the scalp before showering.  Its really good for the hair and the scalp and even gives it the extra shine needed and helps to de-frizz.

It’s good to know that these amazing products come from the village of Foxford, Co Mayo.  The family run business, Ultra Pure Laboratories have been supplies skin care and body care products all over the country for 15 years and selling through retail pharmacies nationwide and into the UK.

Every home should have a bottle of Rose Water & Witch Hazel in their cabinet as they can be used on the whole family for many other purpose including bruises, sunburn or razor burns.  Have you tried any of these skincare products from Ultra Pure Laboratories?

I’d like to thank Into The West Blogger Network for the opportunity to collaborate with Ultra Pure Laboratories.

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