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Dreams do come true!!

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Dreams Do Come True

As much as I loved my 9-5 Monday to Friday, an hour for lunch, underground park (this is a real perk of any job if you wear high heels all the time) and guaranteed income, I wouldn’t change what I have now for the world.  Since I set up my blog Yummy Mummy in June 2013 my journey has been an incredible one.  I’ve got to dress up, go to lots of events, meet so many fantastic like-minded people and set up two new businesses along the way (Mini Media & Irish Blogger Agency).

I knew once I was made redundant from the Bank that I wanted a change of career.  The 9-5 Monday to Friday was no longer a priority.  I wanted flexibility and I wanted to be my own boss.  Was I asking for too much?  If I actually sat back and thought about it I wouldn’t be where I am today, the fear would definitely have taken over. Looking back now I was full of fear but the excitement and challenge of following my dream out shone the fear that has taken me down a new and exciting path.

I had a vision…I wanted to work Monday – Friday 9 – 1 (20 hours a week), be able to collect the kids from school, do the homework and take them to their activities.  What I’d save in childcare would allow me to sustain a similar standard of living that I had become accustom to in my Banking career.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy setting up a new business but with my network and presence online I had confidence that I would attract the right clients.  And I was blessed that my husband had a secure job which gave me the extra drive and security I needed to go out on my own.

Love What You Do And You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life

In the first month I secured my first two clients and designed my first website, the money was rolling in again and I was buzzing.  Slowly but surely momentum started to build and with that my working week started to increase.  I found myself taking advantage of my husbands day’s off to attend business meetings.  Word of mouth was my biggest source of referrals and they have led me to some amazing people.  There has never been a day since I started working for myself that I didn’t want to get up in the morning and take on the world.  It’s true what they say ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

So it seems like I’m painting a pretty picture here, right!  Well it ain’t all a bed of roses, working for yourself and working from home can create an added layer of pressure for all the family.  Unless you are very disciplined it can create a lot of friction.  It can be difficult to stick to a set routine and its easy to say sure I’ll just do an hour (or three) on a Saturday or Sunday just to get a good run at the week.  It’s easy to become obsessed and lose sight of what’s important and why you started working for yourself in the first instance.

Dreams Do Come True But Don’t Lose Sight Of Those Around You And Don’t Forget To Live In The Moment

Amidst the juggling a career and being a mother, I sometimes think it would be easier if I wasn’t so driven and passionate about following my dreams and then I sit back and put things into perspective.  I love what I’m doing and I have big plans for the future but (sometimes) I have to remind myself that its important to cherish family moments and don’t let them slip away before my eyes.  Now it’s time for me to prefect a work-life balance as I explore the next chapter of my journey with the launch of my new business Irish Blogger Agency.   I’m learning so many valuable lessons every day and one that I’d most like to share with you is ‘dreams do come true but don’t lose sight of those around you and don’t forget to live in the moment’.

dreams do come true

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