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UltraPure Laboratories Rosehip Oil Review

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UltraPure Laboratories Rosehip Oil

My new favourite skincare product has to be Ultrapure Laboratories certified organic Rosehip Oil.  This product is a recent addition to the Ultrapure Laboratories family.  I already love lots of their products especially the Coconut Oil (read my review HERE) and Rosewater (read my review HERE), I use them all the time.

After cleansing I massage 2-3 drops of the Rosehip Oil into my face and neck.  Obviously the consistence is oily but it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling soft and moisturised. I’ve been using it for over a month now and it’s definitely a product I will repurchase.  UltraPure products are very affordable and available in all leading pharmacies, just ask at the counter.

The Rose Hip Oil is made by cold-press extraction methods which separates the oil from the hips and seeds.

ultrapure laboratories

Rose Hip Oil has several benefits:

  1. Rose Hip oil contains essential fatty acids and is a perfect skin hydration tool. Massage 2-3 drops on your face to rehydrate dry and damaged skin. It also acts as a barrier to lock in the moisture for the skin.
  2.  It can be used along with a regular moisturiser.
  3.  It gives a natural glow to the skin when it is used on a regular basis.
  4. Rose Hip Oil helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring.
  5. Rosehip oil can be used on stretch marks, burns, sunburn and scars to help heal the skin.
  6. The oil is also great for eczema and psoriasis.
  7. It can also be used to treat dry hair and dandruff.

As I get older it is becoming more and more important for me to look after my skin.   I love the fact the UltraPure Laboratories is an Irish business based in Mayo and the fact that their Rose Hip Oil helps to smooth out my fine lines and wrinkles and keep my skin moisturised I’ll be a customer for life.


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